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Factory wheels and tyres sizes Acura ZDX (2009 - 2013)

Factory wheels and tyres sizes Acura ZDX   (2009 - 2013)
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Common wheels parameters
Acura ZDX (2011 - 2019) 3.7 AWD
PCD (PCD) 5x120
Hub diameter (Dia,mm) 64.1
Mounting bolt 14x1,5
8,5x19 ET45
8,5x19 ET50
8,5x20 ET50
8,5x21 ET45
255/50 R19
275/45 R19
275/40 R20
255/35 R21
265/35 R22

Wheels parameters:

For an example of size: 8,5x19 ET45 PCD 5*120 Dia 64.1 , consider the notation for these parameters. - width - 8,5 or 8,5J means the width of the disk shelves in inches
- diameter - 19 or R19 is the installation of the wheel size in inches
- Between the bolt distance (PCD) and number of holes - 5*120 means 5 holes with a distance of 120.
- Et (ET) -45 or ET45 is the distance from the geometric center of the disk shelf to the fitting point to the hub in millimeters. The smaller the flyout, the more the drive is out
- Dia -64.1 the size of the hub in millimeters. Sometimes indicated without a fractional part
- Bolt -14*1,5 diameter and thread pitch of the bolt / nut in millimeters

Tyres sizes:

Using the wheel size example 255/50 R19 , consider what these options mean. - Width -255 - tire width in millimeters
- Height -50 - this value is specified in percent. The height of the wheel profile in millimeters is calculated as a percentage of the width, for our case this will be255 *50 & # 37; = mm
- Diameter -19 or R19 - tire setting diameter